what companies sell houses

Companies That Sell Houses.

Real Estate investors can fall into many type of categories. Well, one of the common things for REI to do is to sell houses. There are many reasons investors sell homes. The obvious root cause is for profit, but there are distinct strategies or reasons.

Selling a Flip

Selling houses as a business.

Let's dive deep on what, how, and why of companies that buy and sell houses

What type of homes

Just about any type of home can be targeted by real estate investors. Single family homes are very popular because they are the easiest to get funding for. Duplexes and triplexes are are highly sought after.  Of couse a quadplex is a always a nice score. Usuall the more units the more lucrative it is to sell a residence.

How do they buy houses?

Companies that sell houses usually buy them in one of three ways. Homes can be bought with cash.  Investment homes are also frequently bought with hard money loans.  The goal of home selling business that like to leverage rentals and sell at a later date usually buy with a conventional home loan.

Why sell homes?

Selling a property will usually make you a profit, at least that's the goal of every entrepreneur to sell house quick. Sometimes single family homes are rented as bundles are accumulated and then when the business owner has a certain bundled value they either trade up or sell and buy multifamily. One common strategy is a 1034 exchange.